Mineral Mud Pak™

Mineral MudDead Sea Black Mud Poultice™

For over 2,000 years, people have been using Dead Sea Mud & Salt to relieve total body aches and pains. Helps relieve soreness and fatigue from joints, bad backs, shoulders, knees, neck, ankles, and other body parts. Use on insect bites and fine line wrinkles.

Tightening Action Promotes Circulation 

  • 100% NATURAL!
  • Washes Off Easily with Water
  • Contains Ocean Minerals
  • Mineral Mud on faceImproved Circulation Vital Energy

Simply apply a thin layer of MineralPak on an area. Apply with or without a wrap and leave on for up to 12 hours. For those hard to wrap spots, it is best to leave the area unwrapped. You with still get the same benefits. Repeat as needed.

Customer Reviews:
America’s Acres, Inc. is not responsible for any declarations made in customer reviews nor when products are used in ways not suitable to their purpose, such as in larger amounts or for a greater duration than recommended.Mineral Mud on back

“Hi, I tried your MineralMud on my face as suggested by my BFF….WOW … it drew out every Blemish, making my skin baby smooth & Soooo Tight with just one Mud Mask !! I am Now A Believer. I tell everyone about my skin success. If you have wrinkles or skin issues wow this Mineral mud is for you. We may have started a Craze, we just had our second mud face mask Party Night !!!! FYI, We are taking full credit if this Craze takes off to other colleges!!”
– Hanna S., UF GATORS (University Florida)

“The Mineral Mud is incredible. A friend recommended it to me for my skin. The best thing I have noticed after using it two times as a mask is it has even cleared away most of the fine line on my face. I love this product.
– Kathy H, Monetary, CA”

Mineral Mud Pak

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