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ElastoWrap Lightweight Adhesive Tape

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Mineral Mud

I tried your Mineral Mud pack on my face as suggested by my BFF….WOW … it drew out every Blemish, making my skin baby smooth & Soooo Tight with just one Mud Mask !! I am Now A Believer. I tell everyone about my skin success. If you have wrinkles or skin issues wow this Mineral mud is for you. We may have started a Craze, we just had our second mud face mask Party Night !!!! FYI, We are taking full credit if this Craze takes off to other colleges!!

Hanna S., UF GATORS (University Florida)


I had swollen feet and ankles after an 12 mile hike and a sore shoulder from my Backpack the first day out. I used the Mineral Mud on those areas before I went to sleep that night and by morning the swelling and my soreness were gone. I felt great. This should be in everyone backpack for relieve on the trail….

Maggie Crown, Ohio



This “Mineral Mud” Pack is the best facial mud mask I have ever used on my skin. My blemishes are gone and my skin is clean and soft. You have earned a new life time customer!!!!

Thank you,

Linda P., Portland, OR

Mineral Soak

I used your Mineral Soak for my 11 year old son’s Asthma as my friend suggested. He has a terrible Asthma problem. After breathing in the steam for the hot water and mineral soak for 2 minutes he was amazingly better for the whole day. The good thing about this situation is on his bad day he can use the mineral treatment and reduce the medications he now uses. This is a Very good natural alternative for him.

Cleo Cartell, Topeka, OH

Pro Safe Wrap Self Adhesive Bandage

You have earned a customer for life !!!  play hockey for a Boston College and tape up everyday during practice and games. This safe wrap tape is great and it Never builds up moisture or sweat under the wrap. Plus it 1000% more comfortable to we them any other wrap or tape. I like that it sticks to itself and not my skin. Great product. 

John, Boston Univ


Awesome Sports Wrap. And I wear the  Safe Wrap everyday in basketball practice on my ankle and it gives me support with out sweat & moisture buildup and is extremely comfortable to wear. It is so flexible and comfortable I forget I have it on. Its about time someone came up with a solution to all the poor quality sports tapes and wrap. coo-dos !!

Kate, OSU


You guys have the BEST Sports Wrap on the Planet & WOW it’s even Made in the USA  Great job.

Gary , MSU Spartants

Sōa™ Athletic Natural Body Armor Soap™

Just emailing to let you know your Soa Armor soap is AMAZING. I am an Instructor at a Cross Training Gym and this is the best soap I and everyone at the gym has ever used. Please send us complete information on how to become a dealer of your soaps at our Gym.  Keep up the good work!

Amanda Collins, Los Angeles, CA

Sōa™ Natural Skin Recovery Soap™

Just wanted to let you know the Soa natural soap is the best cure for my acne that I have found. And I tried them all over the past 3 years. Been going to a dermatologist for 10 months with little change in my acne and a whole lot of $$$ being spent. Your soap help in just 5 days and I actually saw results the 1st day I used it. Great product & I am passing the word to my friends and family. P.S. You folks DO NOT NEED any movie star or sport person to sell this soap. It Sells Itself, no hip just GREAT RESULTS.

Carrie Morgan, Seattle, WA


The Soa skin soap is Amazing. My husband and I used it on our Eczema skin conditions we both suffer with during the winter every year. …It has cleared up the condition completely in a couple of days…

Valerie R, Upper Darby, PA


Just wanted to let you know your SOA natural skin soap was given to me for x-mas by my daughter in law. It was one of the best stocking stuffier gifts I ever received. I have suffered with Psoriasis for many many years. As with all the other products I have used with little to no luck I was not expecting what happened next. I used it per your instructions and saw results in one application and by day three I was Amazed and thankful at the condition of my skin. The results actually brought tears to my eyes knowing I was able to win the battle with my skin problems with the SOA soap. You need to get the word out people as I am sure there are millions of people suffering that have not heard of your products. My family and I will be passing your information to friends from this point on. Thank you for helping me with my EX Psoriasis Problems.

Ruth Carter, Chapel Hill, NC


A friend gave my wife and I your “Soa natural soap” as they knew I was suffering with Rosacea for years. The soap has changed my life. I wash with it everyday for 2 weeks. I no longer need to be on antibiotics every month and have to take 3-4 showers a day plus the cost of the medications. You have saved us a lot of money as we live on a fixed income. You have a great SOA soap product. Please send us a catalog with your other health products.

Curtis Johnson, AZ


I am dropping you an email regarding the Soa Skin Recovery Soap. I have suffered with Psoriasis for 15 plus years. I have had little to no luck treating it with other products on the market and with products from my Dermatologists. Your Soa “Skin Recovery” soap has changed my life as it is a blessing hidden in this little Yellow Bar. I have even purchased bars and handed them out at my church.

Rose Harper, Grand Rapids


I had to let you know your Soa Skin soap work for me to clear up my acne. PS, It has also helped my boy friends with his acne and his was very bad. I am buying you “Dead Sea” Mud and can’t wait to try it.

Margo Bishop, Cleveland, OH


Had to let you guys know the Soa (Natural Skin Recovery) soap is the best products I ever purchased for my Sweat Rashes under my Football uniform. I have half the team using it now. Give us a year supply (we need it) and we will send you an endorsement photos showing our great results with your soap.

Matt Griffin,  Michigan State Spartans


Hi, do you have Discount Coupons for your Soa Natural Skin Soap. I have used it and it works great on my Acne.  I have my girl friend and all my friends using it. Best and only thing on the market that works for me. I have a health store close to my apt that sells the soap. Please email the Coupons to me soon as I need a new bar of Soa.

Thank you,  Jesse Nicholas,  NYC, NY


Feb 20, 2012  Dear AAI Health, I need to pass on my grandson’s story about your Soa Natural Skin Soap. He is 11 yrs old and had a terrible case of acne on his face. The kids at school would be Very Mean to him and make fun of him, calling him names referring to him acne. He has been going to a dermatologist for over a year with very little success. I was with him at the Grocery Store a month ago and the young girl checking us out at the register said to my grandson. I had acne even worse then yours and could not find a cure. She said she used all these Brands you see on TV and NONE Of Them Worked. She said a girl she met at tennis camp suggested this Soa Natural Skin Soap. She said she tried it and with in week she saw had Huge Success reducing and Stopping new Acne Breakouts. She gave us your web site. Well this girl and your Soa soap have changed my grandson’s life. He is 2 weeks into using your soap and his face is petty close to being completely clear. The kids at school have now stopped with the rude comments and some have even asked him what he is using and were to get the Soa Natural Skin soap. Its good to know that there are companies out there making products that really work and not selling kids a product that do not work. They should not be aloud to use Pop and Sports Stars to sell their bogus products  just for the money and their profit margins.

Thank you for helping my grandson and for helping Stop the Bullies at his school.

Martha Conner, Columbus, OH


Your Soa Natural Soap is worth every penny. It worked and got rid of my husband’s Poison Ivy in three.  Amazing how quick it worked. He is now trying it on his eczema. Thank you, Connie, New Britain, CT


I needed to email you and let you know how wonderful your SOA Recovery Soap has worked for this old women of 71 years. I have suffered with itchy skin and scalp for my whole life and nothing has every work for me more than a week or so. A friend of mine from Florida sent me your soap bar 3 months ago knowing of my condition. I was very leary of your soap because nothing has ever work, not even the doctors prescribed creams and shampoos. All short lived. Well from the very first time I used it my itchy skin and scalp the itching have NOT Reoccurred not even once. I use your soap every day and I tell everyone that will listen to me about the soa soap.

Thank you for helping me as it has made my everyday life much more enjoyable.

God Bless,
Ruth Connors, Phoenix, AZ


I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your soap.

I was at the Double H in Salem, Oregon getting some stuff for my horses when I saw your soap on the counter. I wondered if it would help my cat who has been scratching himself silly and losing his fur. Chris told me that people swear by it and I decided to give it a try. It’s not easy to give a cat a bath, especially when the soap needs to stay on for five minutes, but I got it done and Diesel seemed to experience almost immediate relief. When he dried out, I couldn’t believe how incredibly soft his fur was!

Having issues with an itchy scalp, I decided to give the soap a try myself. Wow! What a difference. And it left my hair amazingly soft as well!

Next, I’ll be using it on the dog.

Thank you for this wonderful product. I plan to peruse your other items and will think of Americas Acres first next time I need something you sell.

Have a great day!

Devon Anne Alexander, Salem, Oregon


Your (Soa Natural Skin Recovery) Soap is a wonder bar for my eczema and my husbands’ poison ivy. I have been passing the good word of this magic soap. I have send bars to my friends and relatives who suffer with skin problems in the UK, Seattle, San Francisco and Canada. They all have thanked me for helping them. Thank you for a wonderful skin care soap.

Megan Miller, Towson, MD


Please add us to your mailing list or the closest dealer of you soap. The soa natural sulphur soap has change everyone in our house hold and my son at colleges for his sports and locker room skin issues. He is a Football player.

I have had a skin issues when I sweating as I am a runner years. My husband has an eczema issues every winter. Both of us use this soap every day and we are very pleased with the outstanding results. The amazing part is the skin issues are total gone and do not recur which is outstanding for all of us.

I just send two bars to a friends in Arizona who suffer with similar skin problems.

Susan Mullen, Denver CO

Wound and Trauma Bandage Pak

Your Trauma Pack was given to me as a gift by one of my young soccer players. I have kept this pack in my car as a first aid type kit. Well, not more than 2 months after receiving it that it came in handy for a soccer accident. The accident happened during practice. We used the pack to support a leg splint of an injured player till the EMT arrived. I am now purchasing these wound and trauma to give out as gifts to all of my family and friends. Everyone should have this pack in their car for on the spot emergencies.

Tim Hogan,  White Plains, NY


I want to let you know your Trauma Pack saved our friends dog up the street when it got hit by a car last week. If it were not for the items in the pack that were there to bandage him he would not have made it. The Veterinarian told my friend if it was not for their quick thinking and the Trauma Pack this dog would not have made it to his office.  We are all keeping one of your packs in our cars and homes from this point on.  I am sending the Pack  to family and friends as gifts for the Holiday.  Emily Holmes, CO 


Lucky we had your Wound and trauma pack on hand. My 8 year old son fell out is bike being a stunt kid and broke his arm (elbow)….. We were lucky we had this trauma kit on hand. It saved the day and had everything we needed to patch him up and get to the Emergency Room.

Carl C, SB, CA